Saturday, May 18, 2024

Why the Pump Action Shotgun Still Reigns Supreme

The Versatility of Pump Action Shotguns

Pump action shotguns are known for their reliability, durability, and budget-friendly price. These blue-collar workingman’s shotguns come in various gauges and sizes to fit a wide range of shooters and applications. Their multipurpose nature makes them suitable for hunting, recreational shooting, and home defense.

Understanding Pump Action Shotguns

A pump action shotgun comprises a stock, forearm (or slide), barrel, action, chamber, loading port, front sight, trigger, and safety. The pair of action arms attach to the wood or synthetic forearm and run into the shotgun’s guts to open the breech and eject a spent shell when the shooter pulls the trigger.

Advantages of Pump Action Shotguns

* Reliability and durability
* Budget-friendly price tag compared to semi-autos and fancy break guns
* Multipurpose nature: great for hunting, recreational shooting, and home defense

Popular Makes and Models of Pump Action Shotguns

* Remington’s Model 870
* Mossberg’s Model 500
* Winchester’s XD Ultra Lite

When considering a pump action shotgun, look for models that are reliable, durable, and budget-friendly. You can find an excellent pump action shotgun for under $650, making it a great choice for those who prioritize function over aesthetics.