Saturday, May 18, 2024

FNX 45 Tactical: A Gift From the Joint Combat Pistol Competition

Exploring the FNX 45 Pistol: A Tactical Masterpiece

The FNX 45 pistol, produced by FN Herstal, has proven to be a remarkable firearm in the world of combat-oriented .45 ACP pistols. Its development followed an earlier Joint Combat Pistol Program initiated by USSOCOM back in 2005 to replace the Beretta M9, merging two earlier programs: the Army’s Future Handgun System and the Special Operations Forces Combat Pistol.

The FNX 45 Tactical, an evolution of the earlier FN entry into the competition, boasts a number of features that have become standard in polymer-framed pistols today. These include fully ambidextrous controls, an optics-ready slide, and replaceable backstrap options for grip customization.

Competitive Advantages

Despite being more expensive than many of its counterparts, the FNX 45 Tactical has gained a reputation for being highly regarded among enthusiasts and tactical shooters alike. The pistol offers an extremely solid 15-round capacity in .45 ACP, with features such as threaded barrels for suppressors or other muzzle devices.

Comparison to Competitors

When compared to other popular .45 ACP pistols, such as the Beretta Px4 Storm or Glock 21 FS, the FNX 45 Tactical offers an improved grip and a lower bore axis for better control. Its deep checkering and optimized grip angle enhance accuracy and point shooting.

Price Point

“The FNX 45 Tactical is a bit pricey, but when you compare it to guns like the Glock or M&P that offer similar features and capacity in .45 ACP, the cost seems justified,” says John Doe, firearms enthusiast.

Alternative Options

While there are other .45 ACP pistols available, such as the SIG Sauer P320 Compact and Springfield Armory XD Compact, they may not offer the same combination of features and capacity found in the FNX 45 Tactical.


The FNX 45 pistol is a testament to the ongoing innovation in combat-oriented firearms. Its competitive advantages and cutting-edge features make it an attractive option for tactical shooters and enthusiasts seeking the highest capacity and performance in a .45 ACP pistol.