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Exclusive BTS Look: Super-Rare Buffalo Bill Cody Bullard Rifle

Legendary Buffalo Bill Cody’s Rare Gun Collection Heats Up Auction Market

By John Hoernig

Legendary Buffalo Bill Cody's rifle

A legendary .50-caliber Springfield trapdoor rifle owned by the famous Buffalo Bill Cody is up for grabs and sure to attract attention from gun collectors worldwide. The rifle, which Cody nicknamed “Lucretia,” after a 15th-century noblewoman, is just one of the many unique firearms that Cody owned and now fetch high prices at auctions.

Adventure in Show Business

William F. Cody, known as Buffalo Bill, turned his real-life Western adventures into entertainment with a healthy dose of showmanship and embellishment. He began his Wild West Show in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1883, which featured sharpshooters, foot races, rodeo riding, and reenactments of historical events such as “Custer’s Last Stand.”

Impressive Showman and Legendary Figure

Over the years, Buffalo Bill’s show traveled across the U.S. and even toured Europe eight times. He became a household name and arguably the world’s most famous man at that time.

Famous Guns

Cody’s collection of firearms also includes several notable pieces. His Civil War-issue revolver sold for $239,000 in 2012, while his six-shooter fetched over $40,000 in 2014.

Historically Significant Buffalo Bill Gun

One of the most unique firearms up for auction is a Bullard Deluxe lever action rifle in .40-90 caliber, intricately engraved with Cody’s name. The gun was purchased by an anonymous museum in 2002 and has been on display at the Buffalo Bill Cody Museum in Cody, Wyoming.

The Enduring Appeal of Western Firearms

The market for Western firearms has been growing in recent years, with collectors seeking to own a piece of history and the adventurous spirit of the American West.