Saturday, May 18, 2024

Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical: Blue-Collar Badass

Mossberg has been making waves with its latest firearm releases, particularly with the introduction of the Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical, a significant upgrade from their previous tactical shotguns. Unlike its predecessor, the Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical is not just a budget option but rather a high-performance shotgun that draws inspiration from blazingly fast competition guns designed by professional shooters.

The 940 Pro Tactical features a customizable gas gun with minimal maintenance requirements and slick components that generate less friction compared to previous models, diverting dirty gas away from the magazine tube to minimize carbon buildup. The entire gas system is included as part of the magazine tube assembly, making servicing easier and allowing users to spend more time training.

One significant advantage of the Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical is its shorter length compared to average bird guns, making users more agile in confined spaces. The length of pull can be adjusted by adding or removing spacers between the buttstock and the recoil pad for a better fit. Key features include an oversized bolt handle, bolt release, and quad loading made possible by Mossberg’s competitive shooters.

The 940 Pro Tactical also comes with a red fiber-optic front sight, receiver milled for the Shield RMSc optic mounting pattern, and is chambered for 2 3/4-inch or 3-inch shells. The barrel is threaded for Mossberg Accu-Choke tubes (with a cylinder choke installed), and the increased capacity of using 2 3/4-inch shells (7+1 compared to 6+1) is considered a worthwhile tradeoff, as 00 buckshot is not the primary concern.

While Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical has not yet made its way into military and law enforcement roles on a large scale, its capabilities make it an appealing option for police departments looking to save expenses while maintaining effectiveness. In comparison to the Remington 870 MCS and Benelli M4, which have been widely used by the U.S. military, the Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical has a chance to compete with time and dedication.

Compared to high-end tactical shotguns like the Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol, Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical offers a solid value proposition and competes directly with its fast-expanding gas system. While the Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol sets itself apart with its BLINK gas system, which is 36% faster than other gas-operated shotguns, Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical narrows the gap and aims to become a standard-bearer in the industry.

Tactical shotguns, particularly the Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical, present an attractive option for home defense, especially for those living in states with magazine restrictions. With its semiautomatic feature, optic-ready receiver, adjustable length of pull, and relatively short overall length, the shotgun is easy to use and incredibly reliable. However, users should consider their comfort levels with managing stiff recoil and whether firing from a 30-round rifle magazine or 17-round pistol magazine is more suitable.

In summary, the Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical offers an appealing value proposition for tactical shotguns, particularly for home defense and less-expensive alternatives to high-end options. While it may not compete directly with the Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol in terms of performance, Mossberg 940 Pro Tactical aims to become a standard-bearer and maintain its position in the industry.