Saturday, May 18, 2024

Born Primitive: An Apparel Company Going Against the Grain

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Born Primitive and Black Rifle Coffee Company share similarities, having been founded in 2014 by veterans. Evan Hafer, a former Green Beret, created BRCC, while Bear Handlon, a retired U.S. Navy lieutenant, founded Born Primitive. Both companies support various charities and display their patriotism.

Black Rifle Coffee Company focuses on serving coffee and culture to people who love America, while Born Primitive’s ethos is centered around “working your ass off, being relentless, and never making excuses.” They both cater to individuals who refuse societal entitlements and seek a more challenging lifestyle.

In September 2022, Born Primitive expanded its product offerings by entering the outdoor apparel market with their new line called KUIU Encounter. This new range targets the hunting audience, but is also suitable for anyone in the outdoors.

The company’s commitment to excellence and determination to continuously improve led to their recent venture into footwear with the launch of training-shoes/”>Training Shoes in September. Handlon expressed confidence in their new line, despite acknowledging the financial risk involved.