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The Luger Pistol: The First Iconic 9mm Handgun

The Mystique of Luger Pistols: A Century-Old Legacy

In the world of firearms, there are some weapons that seem to exude an aura of mystique and enduring popularity. One such example is the Luger pistol, which has stood the test of time for a century and a quarter.


Luger’s journey into pistol design began in the 1890s when he worked on arms development for Loewe & Company, his employer at the time. His first pistol design, the C/93 semi-automatic pistol by Hugo Borchardt, was tested by the US Navy in 1897 and 1898 but ultimately rejected due to shortcomings at long distances.

Design Evolution

Undeterred by the rejections, Luger continued to refine his designs. He redesigned the toggle-locking action to the rear of the grip, housing the mainspring and angling the grip for better balance. This modification allowed for a narrower grip width by altering the ammo cartridge.

Military Adoption and Legacy

In 1900, Switzerland adopted Luger’s Pistole Parabellum, which participated in US pistol trials leading to the adoption of Browning’s M1911 design. The Luger Pistole continued to gain military contracts and was adopted by various entities, such as the German Navy and Army during World War I.

Famous Luger Examples

One of the three factory-engraved, gold plated, and ivory grip pistols created by Krieghoff for Herman Goering.

Two .45 ACP Luger P.08 pistols, serial numbers 1 and 2, built for US military trials.

Legacy Today

Luger pistols continue to be popular and influential today, even a century after their creation. Well north of one million Luger pistols were made during the gun’s lifetime, with various countries procuring large numbers for export sales and their own military use. While no country officially used Luger’s design after World War II, production in several countries, including France, the Soviet Union, and Switzerland, kept his legacy alive.

The Life of Georg Luger

Georg Luger

Born in Austria in 1849, Georg Luger became a marksmanship instructor after completing his military service. He met Ferdinand Ritter von around 1875 and collaborated on rifle magazine designs, which led to his renewed interest in arms development.


The Luger pistol’s mystique and enduring popularity stand as a testament to the ingenuity and craftsmanship of its creator, Georg Luger. With its legacy spanning over a century, it remains an iconic firearm in the world of firearms.