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Ruger Revives the Marlin Dark Series Rifle Line

Title: Marlin Dark Series Reintroduced with Ruger’s Support – Easy Readability and SEO Friendly Version

Marlin Dark Series Rifle: A New Era for Ruger

After three years, the Marlin Dark Series has been reintroduced under the banner of Ruger. This lever gun line was the first from a major manufacturer to feature modern features like a unique polymer stock and a blacked-out appearance, setting it apart from most lever guns at that time. Remington had originally introduced the Dark Series in April 2019 before their breakup and subsequent sales to various parties.


Ruger has continued the legacy with a Model 1895 chambered in .45-70 Govt, along with two additional models: .30-30 and .45 Rem Mag/.44 Special. Some key improvements include a nylon-reinforced polymer stock with M-LOK attachment slots for accessories, an anodized aluminum handguard with more M-LOK options, and a medium lever loop instead of the large one seen on Henry’s X Model rifles. The factor-threaded barrel comes with a match polished radial muzzle brake, swapping the old Dark Series’ large lever loop for a medium loop.

New Features

Key upgrades include a skeletonized buttstock with a generous recoil pad and cheek riser for better optic mounting. The M-LOK attachment points on the stock allow for easy integration of QD sling cups. The front sight is a fiber-optic tritium ring, while the rear sight features an adjustable ghost ring.

Quality and Reputation

Ruger’s reputation for solid quality control and general quality has been excellent with the Marlin brand. The Dark Series is back in full force, promising an exciting future for this reintroduced rifle series.

MSRP and Specs

The MSRP: $1,379. Caliber: .45-70 Govt. Capacity: 5+1. Barrel Length: 16.17 inches. Overall Length: 35.50 inches. Weight: 7 pounds. Length of Pull: 13.50 inches. Stock: Nylon Reinforced Polymer. Material: Alloy Steel. Finish: Satin Black. Front Sight: Fiber Optic with Tritium Ring. Rear Sight: Adjustable Ghost Ring. Thread Pattern: 11/16″ – 24

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