Saturday, May 18, 2024

Quiet Drop: New Colt Python Combat Elite 3-Inch Revolver

Title: Colt Python Combat Elite: A Compact Combat Magnum Revolver
H2 Header: Introducing the New Colt Python Combat Elite – A Sturdy Carry Gun with .357 Power
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The Colt Python Combat Elite is a compact combat magnum revolver that adds to the revived and growing line. It features a stainless steel finish with a 3-inch barrel and modern stainless steel alloys in its construction. The revolver offers .357 Magnum or .38 Special chambered options, depending on the shooting preference.

Key Features:

  • A robust carry gun for people who want .357 power in a clean defensive package.
  • Weights about 2.5 pounds, thanks to its unfluted cylinder, helping soak up magnum recoil.
  • Improved sights designed for both defensive and combat shooting.

Additional Details:

The new Python Combat Elite comes with an abbreviated G10 grip to reduce printing and may feel short for larger hand shooters. The gun’s cylinder is polished, unfluted, offering a unique appearance.

The MSRP of the Colt Python Combat Elite is $1,499, which puts it out of reach for many gun buyers. However, those who can afford it will find an extremely attractive revolver with the potential to be a good seller for Colt.

As of now, there’s limited feedback on the Colt Python Combat Elite. However, given that other Python models have been well-received by revolver fans, it’s expected that this version will be no different.

The Colt Python Combat Elite is a well-designed, powerful compact revolver that adds to the successful Python line. With limited feedback available at this time, it’s hard to say how well it shoots or how its short-barreled design handles the .357 round. However, with a strong build and reputation behind the Python line, this revolver is expected to perform well for those who can afford it.