Saturday, May 18, 2024

‘New’ Glock Models Coming in 2024

Glock Unveils 2024 Releases, Including Gen 5 Pistols and Exclusive G49 Model

Last week, Glock held a special invite-only event at their new Georgia manufacturing space to reveal what they have in store for 2024. The company ensures consistency across continents by converting American 60-hertz electricity to contact 50-hertz electricity, even for their imported machinery.

The announcements this year aren’t groundbreaking, but Glock is releasing new additions to the Gen 5 family. In 2024, we’ll see subcompact 9mm and 10mm pistols, known as the Gen5 Glock 29 and Glock 30, respectively. These pistols will lose Gen4 finger grooves and have front slide serrations, along with Glock’s Marksman barrels. Both models feature a 10+1 capacity despite their different chamberings and are set to begin shipping at the beginning of 2024.

In addition, Glock showcased the exclusive Talo short-grip, long-barrel MOS handgun called G49. The Glock 19 grip is combined with a G17-length slide and barrel, allowing for customization through hacking. This model offers improved concealment due to its shorter grip and reduced printability while retaining the sight radius of a Glock 17.

Other planned releases include distributor-exclusive models such as the G44 TB (threaded barrel). This .22LR pistol is designed for plinking and training, now available with an OEM threaded barrel for additional customization options. The G44 TB also features fiber optic sights instead of the standard Glock 3-dot sights.

Glock also revealed a nostalgia release, offering a reimagined G17L long-barrel pistol with original Glock texturing on the frame, lightening cuts in the slide, an extended G17 barrel and slide. Currently, Glock releases G17L pistols in small batches annually, usually in Gen4 configuration.

As of now, these are the few major releases from Glock for 2024, but it’s possible that the Austrian gunmaker has some surprises up their sleeve.